Success Stories

Success Stories

14 Episodes

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Success Stories
  • Youngest Champion's League - Giulia Romanelli

    Episode 1

    Success Stories: Get Inspired by true passion and hard work!
    She was only 18 when she began working with PM International to become more independent as a student... Today, she is one of the Top Leaders!

  • The Success Story of the must-have in your Demo Bag

    Episode 2

    They all love it! The Activize Serum has become a must-have in each demo bag, so discover why women enjoy this product so much.

  • Life-changing experience with PM - Nicole Moscioni's

    Episode 3

    Success Stories: Get inspired by Nicole, a woman who uses her strength to build her own life!
    Nicole knew firsthand how difficult it was to live with a single mother; now, thanks to PM, she can dedicate miore time to her son while working.

  • Student achieving his dreams - Sandro Herbelein

    Episode 4

    Success Stories: Get Inspired by the Family Business Story!
    After gaining work experience and demonstrating his ability to achieve his objectives, Sandro joined his father's PM business.

  • A young father on the rise - Sven Weiß

    Episode 5

    Success Stories: Get Inspired by a young father who built his career keeping his family at the centre of attention.
    Determination, hard work and love for his family are the ingredients for Sven's success

  • Single mom overcoming challenges - Sarah Trettin

    Episode 6

    Success Stories: Get Inspired by the determination of this single mom!
    In addition to the challenge of raising a child alone, Sarah had a severe accident and eventually lost her job. She needed a change. Thanks to a friend, she discovered PM, and today is a happy mon who can take care of her son ...

  • Champion's League in 18 months - Giulia Andrea

    Episode 7

    Success Stories: Get Inspired by the story of by the Youngest Champion's League in PM History!
    In just 18 months, she made it from the President’s Team to the Champion’s League as the youngest member EVER.

  • PM unexpectedly changed their lives - Jennifer and Thomas

    Episode 8

    Success Stories: Get Inspired by Jenny and Thomas, a couple who wanted to change their life!
    FitLine products help them to gain a better life quality. Today they both concentrate on the family business.

  • Passion and hard work - Brenda & Gary

    Episode 9

    Success Stories: Brenda & Gary, a business opportunity for everybody!
    They didn't have a healthy and educated background, but with passion and hard work, they achieved their dreams.

  • Woman achieving her objectives - Sophie Petit

    Episode 10

    Success Stories: Simple moments in life are the most important to Sophie. Get Inspired by her story!
    She dislikes staying in her comfort zone and encourages others to do the same. Only this way she achieves her objectives.

  • Freedom and independence - Stefanie & Christopher

    Episode 11

    Success Stories: For them, the quality of life with their children comes first.
    It was not easy for Chris and Stef, but they managed to build a lovely family in which they help each other. This is possible having the freedom to choose when they work and when to dedicate time to their family.

  • Living their dream life in the south of Italy - Adele & Ivan

    Episode 12

    Success Stories: Adele was working as a photographer, and Ivan - was a basketball player. They were both doing what they enjoyed, but unfortunately, it was not sufficient for life and to build a family. Since they were introduced to PM, they've started to live happily in Puglia, South of Italy. S...

  • Happiness and freedom found with PM - Marina Longhi

    Episode 13

    Success Stories: let Marina's determination inspire you!
    Marina decided to take control of her life and found happiness and freedom through her business, which has always been supported by her husband, Italian basketball legend Antonello Riva.

  • Successful mother of three - Jasmin Rück

    Episode 14

    Success Stories: Jasmin is a mother of three children, and until recently, she didn't know how to provide her boys with the necessary things. A friend once told her about PM-International, and since Jasmin had nothing to risk, she decided to try it. Now Jasmin lives a good life; she has a beautif...