FitLine Products

FitLine Products

FitLine Products
  • The Science behind the FitLine Products

    The collaboration between PM-International and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria started in 2012. With the core competencies aligned on both sides - bioavailability and nutrient transport - the aim is to create and develop products for a better quality of life thanks to improved we...

  • How FitLine supports healthy ageing

    Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer discusses the role of natural products, vitamins, minerals, etc., for health and well-being. Dr. Eggersdorer advises on the dosage of products, adequate intake of supplements, and the effect of sufficient and insufficient supply of nutrients.

  • The Innovation behind the FitLine Products

    Learn more about how we create innovative products by collaborating with world-renowned scientists and engineers from the LIST.

  • The Story Behind the FitLine Products

    Find out more about how FitLine products are made. Watch our behind-the-scenes video - from the production line to delivery!