FitLine Products

FitLine Products

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FitLine Products
  • The Science behind the FitLine Products

    The collaboration between PM-International and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria started in 2012. With the core competencies aligned on both sides - bioavailability and nutrient transport - the aim is to create and develop products for a better quality of life thanks to improved we...

  • Nutritional Supplements as a Support for Healthy Aging

    Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer discusses the role of natural products, vitamins, minerals, etc., for health and well-being. Dr. Eggersdorer advises on the dosage of products, adequate intake of supplements, and the effect of sufficient and insufficient supply of nutrients.

  • LIAB Awards 2020 - A collaboration between LIST & PM

    A long-existing collaboration between the LIST and PM-International evolved into PM-International becoming a sponsor of the LIAB: LIST International Award in Bio-Innovation.

  • Listen to the FitLine Symphony

    Rhythm and harmony are the essentials of every song or band. The same applies to FitLine. In order to achieve the highest possible quality in our manufacturing process, we seek to optimize our production line step by step until reaching the precision and perfection of a "real" symphony.

  • FitLine C-Balance - Live Your Life to the Fullest

    FitLine C-Balance is created for you to enjoy your life to the fullest. With a unique and innovative formula, FitLine C-Balance is the result of 9 years of research and development. Enjoy your carbs and be ready for your daily challenges.

  • FitLine skin Activize Serum - Energize Your Skin

    It's the new energizer and power boost for your skin to help to support its energy system. Activize goes Skin Care!

  • Men+

    Discover FitLine Men+ an unique combination of bioactive ingredients to support you when it matters the most an bloom your love life.

  • The Innovation behind the FitLine Products

    Learn more about how we create innovative products by collaborating with world-renowned scientists and engineers from the LIST.

  • The Story Behind the FitLine Products

    Find out more about how FitLine products are made. Watch our behind-the-scenes video - from the production line to delivery!

  • FitLine Generation 50+ - Designed for Specific Needs

    Being in your prime doesn’t stop you from living life to the fullest and being who you always wanted to be. Be bold enough to live life on your terms and never apologize for anything. Fitline Generation 50+ is especially designed to answer the specific needs of people with young spirits over the ...

  • FitLine Cell Set- Inside & Outside Results

    Say hello to the Cell Set with the new Cell Lotion and experience the way forward to a smoother & even skin.

  • Maximum Safety - FitLine Products are Trusted by Athletes

    Learn more about the safety of our FitLine products and the people behind them. Dr. Jürgen Reimann is a pharmacist & publicly appointed and sworn-in expert in, among other things, food & dietetic food.