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PM Business
  • Discover PM-International's Vision

    Helping people to live a healthier and happier life, giving them the opportunity to be independent in all senses but most importantly giving them the opportunity to be who they really want to be, that's what PM-International is all about.

  • PM History: Growth over years

    PM-International AG is one of the largest direct selling companies in Europe in health, fitness, and beauty. Founded in 1993 by CEO Rolf Sorg, the company is active worldwide, selling nutritional supplements and cosmetics - the FitLine® products. Over the past eleven years, the company has been v...

  • 25th Anniversary: A milestone

    On 9 June 2018, 13,000 guests from all over the world came to the SAP Arena in Mannheim to celebrate PM-International’s 25th birthday together with company founder and CEO Rolf Sorg, his wife Vicki, and distinguished guests, such as His Imperial Highness Prince Fushimi no miya ō Hiroaki from Japa...

  • PM goes green! What we do...

    We can overcome anything when we stick together! Find out what PM-International does and how the company adapts to changes during this global pandemic.

  • PM-International's Social Responsibility

    At PM-International, we live our values every day. We strive to empower people and create opportunities for present and future generations.

  • Start up 25: new business opportunity

    Discover PM-International's Start-Up 25! A tailored opportunity designed to meet the needs of the younger generation of PM Distributors.

  • Develop yourself with PM-International

    With over 40 subsidiaries and distribution partners in over 40 different countries and with more than 70 national and international patents, PM-International set out to take the lead in the international distribution of premium, cutting-edge products for health, fitness and beauty - from inside a...

  • Champion's League: Success Stories

    43 items

  • PM 2022 in review - emotions, achievements, milestones

    An emotional video about all our achievements in 2022! It is incredible to see how far we’ve come. Goosebumps guaranteed.

  • Success Stories

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  • PM Direct Cash

    PM DirectCash supports the operation of hundreds of thousands of Team Partners worldwide and enables you to receive payouts and earnings as early as today! Discover it!

  • Special Conference of Rolf Sorg for the 30th Anniversary

    This year is a special one - PM's 30th Anniversary! Make sure you get your ticket and join us in celebrating the incredible success we have achieved together as the most dynamic and fastest growing direct selling company in the industry. You have the power to make your dreams come true - make thi...