• Best of Charity 2019

    PM We Care charity foundation: Beyond its core business, PM-International is committed to making the world a better place. Within the framework of long-term cooperation with the humanitarian organization World Vision, PM-International has increased the number of active sponsorships of children in...

  • Changing lives in Peru 2019

    PM We Care in Peru! Watch the summary of our visit to Peru in 2019 and the smiles we put on the faces of our sponsored children.

  • Child sponsoring in Ghana 2017

    Find out about our latest charity actions in 2017 with World Vision. We invite you to spend a day with our sponsored children in Ghana through this video. PM-International sponsors the children, and this day is unlike any other as the charity ambassador Vicki surprises them with birthday presents...

  • Sustainable Solutions for Indonesia 2018

    Every FitLine product sold gives our sponsored children one "Hour of Life" and better opportunities for their future. Together we are not only changing the lives of the children but also of their families and communities. In cooperation with World Vision, PM-International ensures the implementati...

  • What PM We Care does..

    PM We Care, the charity foundation of PM-International led by charity ambassador Vicki Sorg, has been engaging in charitable projects for more than 20 years.

  • An Olympic medal returned

    PM We care: we placed the highest bid for an Olympic medal at an auction to support children in Ukraine. Not only did we round up our bid to 35,000 Euros, but we also gave Tony his medal back

  • Children sponsoring in Zimbabwe 2022

    In 2022, PM We Care traveled to Zimbabwe to support the sponsor children living there. It was a pleasure to see the children's joy as we provided charity activities to contribute to and empower the development of the region.

  • Charity Speech Vicki Sorg 2022

    PM We Care: Vicki Sorg gives a speech about helping vulnerable children to have a better life, made possible by the generosity of all team partners and the collaboration with World Vision. Over 5.7 million has been donated in the last two years thanks to the collective efforts.

  • Discover our new song: We Make Dreams Come True