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Stars & Legends
  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 1

    Mettiamo insieme i diversi pezzi del personaggio che è Achim Heukemes, élite di sport estremi, campione del mondo!
    Mini cortometraggi di PM-International e FitLine.

  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 2

    Połączyliśmy różne elementy w postać, którą jest Achim Heukemes, elita sportów ekstremalnych, mistrz świata!
    Krótkie filmy mini firmy PM-International i FitLine.

  • Student to Master - Kickboxer - Janet Heinen

    Episode 3

    What started as a hobby lead to a World Championship. One to keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. Meet Janet Heinen...

  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 4


  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemesmes

    Episode 5

    Vi sätter ihop de olika bitarna till karaktären som är Achim Heukemes, extremsportelit, världsmästare!
    Minifilmshorts av PM-International & FitLine.

  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 6

    PM-International & FitLine 的迷你電影短片。

  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 7

    Nous avons assemblé les différentes pièces au personnage qu'est Achim Heukemes, élite des sports extrêmes, champion du monde !
    Mini-courts métrages par PM-International & FitLine.

  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 8

    Vi setter sammen de forskjellige delene til karakteren som er Achim Heukemes, ekstremsportselite, verdensmester!
    Minifilmshorts fra PM-International & FitLine.

  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 9

    Kokosimme eri palaset hahmolle, joka on Achim Heukemes, extreme-urheilun eliitti, maailmanmestari!
    PM-Internationalin & FitLinen minielokuvien shortsit.

  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 10

    익스트림 스포츠 엘리트, 세계 챔피언인 Achim Heukemes라는 캐릭터에 다양한 조각들을 모아봤습니다!
    PM-International & FitLine의 미니 영화 반바지.

  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 11

    Wir haben die verschiedenen Teile zu Achim Heukemes zusammengestellt, dem Weltmeister im Extremsport!
    Mini Filme von PM & FitLine.

  • STARS & LEGENDS - Achim Heukemes

    Episode 12

    ¡Hemos ensamblado las diferentes piezas al personaje que es Achim Heukemes, élite de deportes extremos, campeón mundial!
    Mini-pantalones cortos de PM-International & FitLine.

  • Aiming for the Davis Cup - Tennis player - Alex Knaff

    Episode 13

    Young tennis professional Alex Knaff from Luxembourg started his career with college tennis in the US and is now climbing the ladder of success at the 2022 World Tennis Tour. Rising star Knaff achieves balance on and off the court thanks to FitLine. Watch him talk about his success in an exclusiv...

  • Undefeated - Boxing Champion - Leon Bauer

    Episode 14

    World boxing champion, a lion at heart, with passion and from the soul! Lets meet the real Leon "The Lion" Bauer!
    Mini movie shorts by PM-International & FitLine.

  • Ironman in the making - Triathlon - Jens Roth

    Episode 15

    Winning once is difficult, winning again and again is almost impossible, winning again and again and winning in three sports, only Jens Roth can do that. let him meet now...
    Short films by PM-International & FitLine.

  • STARS & LEGENDS - 'Mesmerizing' feat. Achim Heukemes

    Episode 16

    We have put together the various parts of Achim Heukemes, the world champion in extreme sports!
    Mini films from PM & FitLine.

  • Gold and silver medal, South American Championship - Franchesca Santi

    Episode 17

    South American Championship gold and silver medal in gymnastica in Siantiago de Chile, Franchesca Santi, can easily sprint, jump, flip and land but the exertions on the body are of the highest challenges. How does FitLine support her daily routine and why does she trust us? Find out now in an ext...

  • USA Bikini fitness championships - Jana Stewart

    Episode 18

    Champion in bikini fitness in the USA, Jana Stewart is a strong, determined woman who powers herself and her life with FitLine. But how exactly? Check out this special episode of FitLine Stars & Legends now!

  • Harrif Saleh - Cyclist - Gold medal Sea Games

    Episode 19

    Hariff Saleh is a South East Asian Champion, takes you on an awe-inspiring journey through his heart-pounding victories and intense battles of his cycling career!

  • Pro Ultra Runner - Yana Strese

    Episode 20

    Meet Yana Strese: a professional ultra runner, versatile athlete, and accomplished coach. Her career includes victories in races like the Petra Desert Marathon and HDMS in Fuerteventura, as well as the top spot in the Frozen Lake Run (Half Marathon). Yana excels in various sports and as a coach, ...

  • An incredible multisport genius - Victoria Iduna Philipp

    Episode 21

    Meet Victoria Iduna Philippe, the 13-year-old Swiss sensation who's conquering the worlds of karate, figure skating, and karting with unrivaled flair and finesse. Prepare to be amazed by her extraordinary talents!